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Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel to Dani, from the curation of this revolutionary workshop and bringing this amazing sisterhood together. Dani as a guide, was real and raw with us, which personally allowed me to feel open and embrace this experience. With the connections built in this workshop, I felt safe to be able to open up in ways that I haven’t with some of my closest friends and family. I no longer feel alone in my trauma experiences and now work to be my most confident and authentic self. This workshop is the perfect kick-start for women ready to take their confidence (or lack thereof) to the next level. Confidently Rebirthed.

Jenay, 34

This experience has been LIFE CHANGING! Throughout this 5-week journey, I have laughed, cried, and found an everlasting safe space with so many powerful and beautiful women. This workshop was the catalyst I needed to jumpstart the growth and healing I have been working toward for so long. My main goals were to be unapologetically myself and to love myself at every stage of life. I was equipped with the tools to accomplish that and so much more. I love the person I am becoming and cannot thank Dani enough for creating this program to help instill confidence in women. I am happy, powerful, deserving, radiant, beautiful, phenomenal, and ENOUGH!  


Jaleese, 25 

Investing in myself felt extremely uncomfortable. for a while I went back & forth between if I was worth or deserved spending such a large chunk of money on myself. one day I just said screw it & decided I was worth it. BEST DECISION IVE EVER MADE. this workshop is the best thing that has happened to me & my confidence. between the workbook, the amazing weekly sessions & the sisterhood, it was worth every penny. Dani is truly living in her purpose with this workshop. you can feel the passion behind her words. as long as you put in all the work necessary to get 100% out of this workshop, I have no doubt in my mind that you won’t regret it either. 

Jada, 23

This workshop allowed me to take the band-aid off of so many open wounds that I tried to just cover up. It gave me the opportunity to truly heal them. I was able to speak with other women from all walks of life and feel like they heard me and genuinely wanted the best for me. I felt like I was in a safe place to grow and heal. It unlocked a new level of confidence inside of me. I think when people hear the word confidence they instantly think about beauty and what you look like externally. The workshop taught me a level of enteral confidence that surpasses the idea that confidence only refers to your outside beauty. 
If you are thinking about joining and you are ready to go to a new level of confidence, healing and peace, please just do it. Invest in yourself and join.
Dani put her heart and soul into every bit of this workshop, and it shows. This is life changing. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and the sisterhood that was created.

Taylor, 28

The Confidence Rebirth Workshop truly was an experience. I went into the workshop thinking that I was self-aware and knew what I was getting myself into and I had a reality check, in the best way! Through the five weeks, Dani truly opened my eyes and awakened things within me that I didn't even think I was capable of. Dani truly taught me not only confidence but a whole new way of life. A life where I set boundaries, I live unapologetically, and most importantly, I live for me! Dani created a safe space where I felt 100% comfortable laughing, crying, and sharing my innermost thoughts. Dani taught me that confidence goes way deeper than the surface and it all stems from DEEP within. This workshop will uncover layers about you week by week that will help you learn yourself, accept yourself, and love yourself. I think that EVERYONE can benefit from this workshop, regardless of whether you're struggling with confidence or you think you've got it. If you're thinking about it, DO IT!


Amanda, 24

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